Kick in the Ass, Week 16

A beautiful spring week worked hard to distract me, but I still managed to get a ton done!

Home Garden by Meeza 1
  • As I mentioned last week, had to let go one of my outsourcers because, well, he hadn't done much of anything. Pretty painless process at oDesk: just do an End Assignment for your ex-outsourcer... ;)
  • Most of my productive time was spent going through the results my other hire sent me, and from them finalizing the first 80 landing pages. Spent time over a few days setting up the adverts, and have been turning them on in groups of ten a day. I don't turn all of them on at once in order to not freak out one of my main merchants. Hate when they pause things to ensure things are on the up and up... ;)
  • Late last night, inquired into whether my new hire would be interested in another project for me (that my second hire was supposed to have done). As well as looking if there were any interest in a more long-term position. I don't think I could keep her busy full time at this point, but I bet I could find 10 hours a week worth of tasks that I would gladly take off my shoulders. Just the imagined extra productivity has me wearing quite the grin! ;) Haven't heard back yet, but like I said, sent late last night and she's on the other end of the world...

Next week: tending the gardens, in more ways than one!

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