Kick in the Ass, Week 14

Been a busy one again. By actual finalized output, maybe not all that much, but the pipeline is getting pretty damn full pretty damn quickly! :)

The Juggler II by Helico
  • Most of my actions this week have been in the area of helping other people take over some of my work. As I mentioned last week, I've decided to take a little of my own medicine and am now outsourcing several tasks via oDesk. I now have two potential employees. One started a test project the middle of last week, and the other is due to begin sometime today. Those first couple days were a little rough, as I am so used to doing the tasks myself that I overlooked explaining some of the finer details of the process. A few Skype exchanges later, and things are now rolling along smoothly. Just received the first portion of my initial project today, and am more than pleasantly surprised with the results so far. Now to take those results and plug 'em into my system. I have a feeling that more busy-ness lies ahead!
  • In other outsourcing related news, finished up massaging those outsourced articles I requested a couple weeks ago into those domains I picked up. Trying a few different monetization methods out, but am more interested in traffic than conversions at this point. Going to do a little experimenting there as well!
  • Ended the 2010 tax season with the usual chaos. ;)

Just keepin' those balls in the air... :)

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