Kick in the Ass, Week 13

Well, this week was certainly a busy one!

worker bee drip by bumblebee.....
  • Finished up my 66 remaining blasts from the latest blast challenge. Then neglected to actually turn on the advertisements until last night. But hey, at least they're finished! ;)
  • Decided to take my own advice and looked into doing some much heavier outsourcing than I have in the past. Set up an account on oDesk, wrote up a description of one of the more tedious tasks I'd love having someone else take care of, and let it rip. Had 21 people apply to take on a test project, and am weeding it down to the two or three who seem to fit best. Plan to let them loose on the project sometime today if I can stop the phone from ringing for a while.
  • In the same vein, had a dozen or so articles outsourced for those keyword-heavy domains I picked up last week. Got my articles in late last week -- more than up to my standards -- and plan to build little minisites around them sometime this week, time allowing.

Oh, and to boot, it's been astounding outside this week. The fact that I got anything done that required me to sit in front of a computer after my day job was done is a feat in and of itself... ;)

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