Kick in the Ass, Week 12

The arrival of spring, while distracting, amazingly didn't totally take me off track! Another productive week, though again, little totally finished. That will change this week...

oops.missed. by kharied
  • Despite my best efforts, just don't see finishing up the last 66 blasts in the latest blast challenge. I have been plugging away, and figure that I'll be able to let the remainder rip within the next couple days. It's just that I batch process everything in a blast, from niche selection to keyword choice to landing page building to ad construction and every little step between. I did manage to get somewhere around 80% of the way through my process on all of them. But 66 of 'em is a pretty big batch of blasts, and finishing that last 20% on all of 'em by the end of the deadline for the blast challenge aka today? Not likely, at least while handling other things that are more urgent.
  • A smattering of nanoblog posting. Been slacking on this front the last couple weeks.
  • While researching a few oddball items I'd like to purchase, stumbled across a couple exact keyword domains that no one has grabbed up despite a ton of fairly high value Adwords bidding. So I picked them up. :) Going to send off a request to have some articles outsourced this afternoon if I can squeeze in a few for keyword research.

See ya' next week, if not sooner!

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