It's The End of the World as We Know It


...and I feel fine...

Lately I've been contemplating the direction to take this side gig that has shown such promise. Along with the future of my main gig, which carries the complications of certain obligations with it. And, well, lots o' things.

What can I say -- looking at the calendar it shows middle age creeping up on me. I seem to be having a touch of a midlife crisis here. ;) I'm not looking at trading in the minivan for a Porsche, or trolling for Young Bombshell Wife 2.0, or anything that stereotypical.

Merely contemplating concepts like meaning and purpose and time and happiness and other such light topics. In other words, deciding what should be my next step.

So today I log in to my advertising account, and see that the big G has slapped me for the third time in this little adventure. Had a minor freak out for an hour or three. Not really because it kills my side biz or anything -- though that is my first impulse even though all it really does is slow me down for a while -- but because it means I have to rebuild.

I'm a lazy man, and would much prefer to add on to versus re-laying that foundation. Or, better yet (because I can be a truly lazy man at times) be able to just watch the earnings roll on in on those days or weeks I wanted to be doing other things.

The first time this happened, I panicked for a week+. This time, mildly for maybe an hour. Now, oddly, a certain peace has settled upon me as the day goes on. Yes, G is fucking with my business model. But that's their prerogative. I've realized that I just have to build that reality into my model going forward. The key part of that last sentence: going forward.

I still haven't decided where to take this side gig. Or what to do with my main one and it's attachments. But this last year's successes have opened up potential pathways I never would have imagined even five years ago. Or one, for that matter. Gilbert was certainly right in my latest read -- we seriously underestimate the potential change that the future holds for us.

...begin the begin...

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