Is The Kindle a Fickle Beast?

or is it just mine?

For Christmas this year, my lovely wife bought me a Kindle 3, and I'm lovin' the little thing. Been spending a bit of time with it almost every evening, and have already plowed my way through a few books along with a large chunk of my ridiculously large backlog of online marketing PDFs.

Audrey Hepburn on a Kindle

What's that, you didn't know you could send your PDFs to your Kindle? For an info collector like myself, that ability is a godsend. I literally have hundreds of PDFs frittered away in series of well-organized folders waiting to be read that day I have some free time while sitting in front of the computer. In other words, never.

But now that I can casually look through them while kicking back in the recliner or while putting a few miles on the recumbent, I'm actually reading -- rather than just storing -- the documents. A ton of great info there, just waiting for me to take the time to read it.

Anyway, about the title. As I said, I love this thing, but I worry that I may have a potential dud Kindle on my hands. Either that, or I don't know how to turn the thing on and off. Almost every day, I find a time where I can't seem to get the Kindle to turn on, forcing me to do a hard reset to get any sort of response out of it. Once she starts back up, all appears fine -- all my books/PDFs are there, all my notes/bookmarks/etc. are in place. But it concerns me that one of these days it won't start back up, and I'll be without my latest addiction for a while.

So, the question dear readers, is it just me, or should I harass Amazon support and see about getting a replacement? Oh, and anyone have some cool Kindle tricks they want to share? ;)

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