Is It Any Wonder We're Not Sicker?

The 'ad' to the left was in our local newspaper this week, which primarily was composed of a large section saluting Nebraska corn growers. Now, I don't have a thing against our local corn growers. They're providing what their market -- and the government via subsidies -- is apparently requesting. But I had to laugh -- and cry a little -- at the ad, 'cause, well, eating corn certainly doesn't add any flavor benefit to that hunk o' meat you're enjoying. The farmer feeds 'em corn to get them to the market faster.

Cows, in the natural, don't particularly care for corn -- they much prefer grass.

Corn allows cows to get fatter faster and be ready for slaughter sooner. But there are downsides, including the fact that cows have trouble digesting corn and must be fed antibiotics to prevent them from becoming ill. What’s more, beef from corn-fed cows tends to have more fat.

Apparently, beef is on the mind -- the ad brought forth thoughts of the recent brouhaha surrounding Taco Bell and the non-beef beef they use. Is it 35% beef or 40%? Whatever the actual beef content, you can bet that that 'other' 60-65% of filler is just wonderful for your health.

Methinks it's time to spend more on the food we put in our body and less on all the useless crap we fill our lives with...

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