Here Be Dragons

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dr. Jaus

Well, it looks like I'm about to enter uncharted territory. Despite last post's prodding to do a little times-10 thinking, I haven't actually sat down and written a new stretch goal beyond the one that has been in place for quite some time. A goal which honestly felt unreachable six months ago. Or, for that matter, two. Nevertheless, a goal which, assuming the trend that has been in place for most of the month holds, will be met sometime this weekend. Or perhaps already has been. (I'm always waiting on eBay.)

Whether that goal has been, or whether it is about to be met, I am definitely overdue in setting aside a little time with the ol' pen and paper to see how far I can stretch my limiting beliefs.

Because, in three months, I have taken a really cool concept, worked my butt off, and doubled our monthly income.

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