Gaining Focus, MiniSite Edition

I'm not going to call it a raging success, since I did catch myself off on sidetracks now and then, but I did reach my goal and got myself to focus on a singular task until the end: fully cleaning up my site parking script. That's not to say that the script is done by any means, as perfection is an impossibility. In fact, I came up with more than a handful of possible additions, tweaks, or mashups that I will most definitely be looking into sometime in the not too distant future. But the cleanup of that script, which was going to become harder and harder the longer I tacked more on, is done. It's a lean mean fighting machine now... :)

What has me especially amazed about this little script is it's success. Not necessarily monetarily - I'm definitely not bringing it in hand over fist yet. But the traffic it's bringing in on each of the sites I have it running on is impressing me. For instance, my ugg shoe site is pulling in just shy of 40 uniques a day, from a high of 2 prior to the new script being installed a week ago. Too early to tell on commissions from the eBay/Amazon items, but enough AdSense/Chitika earnings to essentially pay for the domain registration in that short period.

If I could pull off similar results fairly consistently, considering the minimal effort invested in the site - outside of the initial script development itself, of course - I could see putting up a couple hundred comparable sites in no time. Like, say, over a weekend. The potential is a mind-boggling!

The next couple days has me wanting to spend a little time back in BANS development mode. While the parks have potential for a trickling income (having flood potential with enough trickles), I still believe the more developed niche stores have much greater potential for real single-site passive income. Plus, I like building them... :)

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