Facing Up To Some Fear of Success

Commandment Of The Day
Creative Commons License photo credit: phunkstarr

Having a fine ol' time this month watching all my work over the last few months really take off. I won't go into specific dollar amounts right now, but my profit's seven day moving average is almost 700% greater than this time last month. And last month, quite honestly, kicked the crap out of any prior month's online income. Nevertheless, I've still been doing a little self sabotage.

I've got two campaign blasts in my stable that took off like a rocket as soon as I put them up. Enough so that I paused the first after less than half a day and in less than four hours with the other. And I'll pause the next campaign that eats a sizable chunk of my daily budget that rapidly. That's just common sense. You wouldn't want an out of control campaign bankrupting you after all.

But what isn't reasonable is discovering that those campaigns are actually profitable, to the tune of just over 78% return for both of them over that brief period. And then, despite that fact, letting them lie there paused because you were afraid to make the adspend. Apparently, I'm perfectly comfortable spending a dollar to make $1.75 in a campaign in a day. But not $50 to make $90. Or $1,000 to make $1,800.

So this evening I did a little more analyzing. Tweaked the campaigns ever so slightly. Added a zero onto those campaign budgets.

And resumed them. :eek:

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