eBay's Going To Drive Me Batty

So I've been experimenting with my campaign blasting in the last couple days, attempting to drive traffic to a series of very niche-specific eBay affiliate landing pages rather than direct to merchant.

And so far so good. I'm seeing a fair number of clicks. Plus, I'm not freaking out by blowing through my daily ad spend budget in a couple hours or anything. But even with me taking it slow and steady, it sure would be nice to get a quick read on any successful campaigns.

But no, EPN has decided that just as I start paying for traffic, they're going to delay reporting the prior day's results from my standard 7pm or so until several hours later. Tonight is yet another night where midnight has come and gone, and I still don't know if anything converted from the prior day.

I see all kinds of people freaking out over recent events, but I love ya' EPN.

  • Your program converts well.
  • I don't have to harass anyone to get paid.
  • Your API is a snap to play around in.
  • The potential niches I can try out are essentially infinite.

But sheesh, let me know where I'm wasting money already... ;)

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