eBay UK Bonuses Coming

Looks like I picked a good time to be promoting UK items. eBay just sent me the following:

Visiting the UK
Creative Commons License photo credit: vissago
Christmas is coming and it's the busiest time of year for eBay.co.uk, as everyone rushes to buy their presents and stock up on festive goodies. The eBay UK Affiliate team want to encourage you to send even more quality traffic to eBay.co.uk across this period, so we're giving you the chance to earn a 20% bonus and you could even win a Nintendo Wii! How to earn your 20% bonus We have set targets based on the Winning Bid and BIN Revenue you generated for eBay.co.uk in September and if you beat these targets, you will earn a 20% Rev Share bonus, which will be paid to you in January.

I have had an ultra tiny, UK-specific niche BANS site running for quite a while that I've done next to zero as far as promotion, so I do have a target to beat. And that target looks to be just over two bucks. Total. For the month. :roll:

Since the blasts to my UK-targeted mini money sites are averaging somewhere in the seventeen bucks a day range right now, I'm thinking I may just be able to top September and get in on this bonus... :mrgreen:

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