Collecting Domains So Quickly, I'm Losing Track

Oops, I spoke to soon in my last post -- I totally overlooked a site I had picked up the day after Christmas: Tankless Bargains, focused on the tankless water heater shopper. So, needless to say, I didn't make it through the holidays without a fix.

For that matter, I didn't make it to the weekend either: Fireplace Finds just jumped out at me, and my mind went, 'Ah, what the hell...' :)

More mashing with these two, as I'm waiting until the upcoming release of Build A Niche Store v3.0 until I get back into BANS building. Plus, I'm just having a lot of fun researching niches and keywords and domains right now. As long as I can get them to average 63 cents a month ($7.50 per registration divided by 12) per domain, these sites become technically profitable.

If I can't even pull that off, well, I'm really not trying...

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