Blessed Gridlock

At long last, the long national nightmare campaign season 2006 is over, and I can again tune into the boob tube without having to repeatedly hear about the latest atrocity committed by one's political opponent. Personally, I'm politically agnostic. In my opinion, both parties are equally self- rather than citizen-serving. Thus neither is particularly dear to my heart. I vote the individual or, given the chance, the issue -- not the party.

But this time around I was pleased with the Democrats takeover of both houses of Congress for one simple reason: those who govern least, govern best. When one party holds them both, it's like an alcoholic at an open bar -- much too much gets done that shouldn't, and we're left with one big damn headache the next day. And with one party holding the executive and one the legislative, we'll hopefully get a little gridlock going for at least the next two years.

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