Avoid The Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

I used to lurk in many marketing forums. And while there is a ton of information to be eked out of many of them if you search hard enough, I have finally whittled my way down to just two that I visit with any regularity.

Nothing To See Here, Move Along...

Some were easy to drop, because there just wasn't that much there to begin with. Think the 4HWW forums.

Tim Ferris's book was great as far as motivation goes, and offers up a wonderful alternative to the normal life. But as far as specifics, the forum, as well as the book for that matter, are borderline useless.

Oh, Look At That Shiny Red Thing...

Then there were forums that are just far too easy to lose yourself in. For days. And weeks. And months.

Think The Warrior Forum. Absolute tons of great information. So much, in fact, that for the chronically distractable like myself, hanging out only ensures that you never get a damn thing done. ;) I had to move on, to move on.

The Most Dangerous

But my recent trimmings were because of the state of mind encountered at every visit. The unfortunate thing is that both of these were for products I really like.

For instance, the Build a Nice Store forums (members only). I deeply appreciate the Build A Niche Store software. I used it to achieve my first real (and continuing) online successes. That $97 spent on it have been recouped many times over. But the forum has got to go. Far too many of the regulars are nothing but complainers, either permanently convinced that eBay is out to ruin their tenuous business or so set in their particular method of doing business that anyone attempting something different is immediately pounced upon as either a fraud or a simpleton. I'm sure that the tone of the forums certainly helped to push me away from future development with the software altogether recently.

And while I may be too logic driven to be able to accept everything about the law of attraction at face value, I am certain that always looking for the dark side pretty much guarantees that you will eventually find it. Life is far too short for that, so so long BANS forums.

Save The Best For Last

Oh, about those two remaining forums:

  • Earn $1k A Day Dream It, Believe It, Plan It, Achieve It. Great people, great ideas, and amazingly, a truly supportive community of marketers. But then, what else would you expect from Dennis Becker? :)
  • Campaign Blasts The methodology you get with the ebook is awesome, but the push one gets from participating in the blast challenges via this forum is worth admission price X 10. Oh, and if you hurry, you can get in the next blast challenge: It should be starting up in about 30 minutes... ;)

Yes, they are both paid memberships. And yes, they are worth every cent.

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