Anyone Else Tired of the Latest Round of Autoresponder Whoring?

Over the last few months, I've been looking at various ways of supplementing my income by making a buck or two from a few site I have online. So far I've taken a little action, and even made a few dollars. But mostly, I've just been digging up all the info I can reasonably find.

Needless to say, I've found myself subscribed to quite a number of internet marketers' 'newsletters' AKA their sales pitch autoresponders. I've bought very little of this stuff so far - actually taken advantage of all of two offers for a total cost of less than $50 - but the informational freebies they throw my way attempting to convince me to buy their latest and greatest have kept my education cheap so far. I've been tempted by several offers; even have a few on my list that I'm considering and, very likely, will purchase in the not-so-distant future. But generally I reach the end of the pitch and the price chases me off. I consider myself a lot too green to really consider paying $297 or $497 or $xx7 for an information product right now.

But now that I've been subscribed to many of these marketers autoresponders for awhile, it gets a little annoying when one of the big guns is about to release a new product. Suddenly, everyone is pushing the same product, and because the product is a guru's, it's pretty much guaranteed the price will be through the roof. At least for anyone still within sight of being a newbie like myself.

The last week or two has seen a veritable email explosion, with just about every marketer out there almost tripping over themselves to be the last one to get you to click through their pitch, and thus grab what must be quite the golden ring of an affiliate commision, to get you to sign up for Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins' StomperNet. At just shy of $800, per month, I immediately priced myself out of that offer! I was tired of the pitch a week ago, but they just kept coming and coming.

As a result, a whole slew of those pitchers received an unsubscribe from this newbie, and a few of those 'going-to-buy' products got removed from my list as well. But, at least it's helped me clean up my subscription list - should help that little information overload problem I'm working on anyway... ;)

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