Adwords Acceleration & Mental Battles

Since busting through my big blasting personal challenge, I suddenly find myself on track to spend more in Adwords this month than I have ever made in earnings in any prior month. Which, let me be perfectly honest here, kinda sorta freaks me out when I take a peek at the numbers! :eek:

Mind you, even at this early testing phase of the game this month's results show me at just shy of a 70% return on that investment. In other words, for every $100 I spend, I would be getting back $170 in earnings.

By that logic, if anything even approaching that rate continues, I should be ecstatic to shell out many thousands of dollars a month. After all, who would possibly argue against trading $10,000 for $17,000?

Nevertheless, logic isn't always the hands-down winner of one's internal mind games. So until those earnings actually hit my account, I'm going to have to wage some mental battles to keep me on track... ;)

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