38 & 221 & 29.2

Fat Boy

First, my age. Second, my weight. Third, my BMI. Those three numbers just don't belong together.

Most of my day to day existence is far too sedentary for a healthy lifestyle. It's high time to tweak the day a bit, start paying better attention before I cross that fine line between overweight & obese.

I'm going to follow the same tact that I've used with my side business, and put goal reminders in front of myself - as well as here in front of the world - where they are right in front of my face as often as possible.

So what's will my health sticky say?

200 by 9/1

Maybe I'll tack on a pic of those jelly rolls I've developed over the years. Think I'll pass on sharing that, though... ;) I'm in complete agreement with Tony Robbins on change: you must be disgusted with the current state of affairs to make a change, and I'm disgusted.

While that goal doesn't get me quite into the healthy BMI range, it gets me well on that path. Wish me luck, and anyone with some tips, feel free to share!

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